Clay Island is made up of two large islands and three smaller islands, with no grass. On the largest island, beneath the three large groups of trees, is earth. All other ground is clay, as the name implys. There is also a large hill of clay with an entrance on one side. The second largest island has only clay. Another, smaller clay mound is on it that also has an entrance. The third is a jagged strip of clay. The fourth is another small clay island with a single, unenterable clay mound and the last is a flat, tiny clay island.  A narrow stream runs between the islands. It is one of the two islands without stoneMegaland is a short swim away, and Mainland and Pirate lagoon aren't far off either.

Food SourcesEdit

For fruit, there's the yummy dates and juicy white grapes growing upon the trees. There are plenty of them, they are very nutritious, and will last you a while. If you get some stone from another island, you can fish for a more varied and nutritious palate. Ocean water supplies you with a salty but thirst-quenching drink.

Strategies to SurviveEdit

Much of Clay Island is flat, meaning you have plenty of building space. Food is plentiful, as well as the trees, meaning you can create a beautiful house. Clay and earth are also useful for building, and clay can be made into bloomeries and blast furnaces. The only drawback is no stone. Which means no fire, no fishing, no stone forts/buildings, and no weapons. Unless you can get some workers to import stone, or a trustable trader, you probably shouldn't settle here if you want the full experience of surviving.



White Grapes

Palm Leaves

Medium Wood



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