Crafting is most likely your Best ally in Stranded, even in real life too!

Crafting is like making two sticks into a sword, it's that easy.
Stranded episode 1

An example of a fine crafted building to get to the top of this cliff.

Not really like that but, something like this.

Two Med stones into a tool.

It'll be used for wheat as well!

Need some rope or string?

Craft one yourself with a hammerstone that is made from a small stone into a tool!

Then use that hammerstone on a small stone to make a small blade!

Use that Small blade into a tool and get a Dagger!

(It may damage so have fun trying it out.)

Use the Dagger on some leaves and get some cut leaves.

Craft two for a rope or one for string.

Can't tell you them all but thats all for now!

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