General InformationEdit

Daggers are simple tools that are used on items to cut them. They are important for crafting many other tools and are notably good weapons.


There are currently only two types of daggers.

Stone DaggerEdit

The stone dagger is the easiest dagger to make. It does more damage than ahammerstone and is pretty fast at cutting leaves.

Bronze DaggerEdit

The bronze dagger is much harder to make. After all, you must make a pickaxe, mine a lot of copper and tin, and smelt them into bronze.


Simply click on the medium leaves several times. It usually takes two hits to cut them with a stone dagger. No stonemasonry skill is earned when using your dagger. High quality daggers make faster work.


The dagger is used on medium leaves to make cut cut leaves. These are important for making rope and string.

Medium Leaves or Palm Leaves -----> Cut Leaves

It is also a good weapon and a good sieging tool.


Stone Dagger
Hit Time

Cutting, Fighting, Sieging


Stone DaggerEdit

Use a hamerstone on a small stone until a blue GUI pops up with a list of tool heads. Click Stone Blade and open your inventory. Craft the stone blade into a tool.

Bronze DaggerEdit

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