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Dry Island V3. Added more land and the Red Rock Cave.

This island has a very dry (hence the name) and sandy terrain. It has sand, clay, grass, water, palm trees (coconuts), and is the only island with cacti. The island is being developed by Zokorio.


Dry island is a desert island that is being requested to join the game. Dry Island is mostly made up with sand, but has a couple patches of clay. It also has a new plant, which is also not added yet, the cactus! This is a terrible place to live in though, it is quite small with it's limited resources and only one water source. It is highly suggested to visit this island and not to live in it.


The cactus damages you by one health point every time you touch it. Unless you go suicidal it should not kill you. Cacti (plural for cactus) may be used in the future for a cactus club or a cactus wall. Cactus also may contain water in the future if you cut it, and also they might have fruits!

RobloxScreenShot04052013 180535436

A cactus close up... pose dem thorns.

Red Rock CaveEdit

The only place where you can get red rock. Red rock in the future may be used for special desert houses. Red rock cave also could be used as a temporary shelter if you are stranded on Dry Island.

RobloxScreenShot04052013 173928543

The inside of Red Rock Cave

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