General InformationEdit

Firemaking bows are used to make fire. They are an essential tool for burning buildings, cooking food, and later melting snow. They are currently the only firemaking tool.


Firemaking bows are simple to use. Simply equip it and click on a flamable object such as leaves, wood, or wooden buildings. It takes many clicks before the object is succesfully lit. Keep in mind that the more items that are burning the more likely a nearby cookable or flamable object will be cooked/set on fire.


There is also a skill called Firemaking. It goes up when you use your firemaking bow and decreases the amount of clicks needed to light an object every level.


Firemaking bows are used to set objects on fire.

*Wood------> Burning Wood

Leaves -------> Burning Leaves

  • Wood refers to wooden handles, tree stumps, small wood, wooden house parts, and wooden furniture


Firemaking Bow Stats

Hit Speed


Setting objects on fire
Damage N/A


A firemaking bow requires a medium handle and a string.

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