Items are combinations of some resources to make a combined item. An example is a wall, which is two Medium Wood. If you combine Two Medium Wood, you get a Wall. To make items, you need to use the "Create Item" button.

Word Definition
High Heat Cooking in a Furnace/Bloomery with at least 2 medium wood.


Name of Item

Materials Required for Item
Wall Medium Wood x2
Big Wall Wall x2
Hull Plank x2
Large Handle "Hit Small Wood with a Hammer"
Leaf Sleeves Small Leaves
Leaf Legging Small Leaves
Leaf Torso Small Leaves x2
Linen "Rope x4 in Loom" and then "Hit Ropes with an Awl"
Rope Cut Leaves x2
Sail Linen x2
String Cut Leaves
Stone Wall Boulder x2
Clay Wall Clay x4
Plank "Hit Medium Wood with an Adze"
Cut Leaves "Hit any sized Leaves with a Dagger"
Medium Stone Wheel "Hit Medium Stone with a Hammer"
Medium Sharp Stone Blade "Hit Medium Stone Wheel with a Hammer"
Wheat Bale Wheat Stalk x4
Large Copper Small Copper x5
Large Copper Medium Copper x3
Large Tin Small Tin x5
Large Tin Medium Tin x3
Smelted Copper [any size] "Cook Copper with High Heat"
Smelted Tin [anysize] "Cook Tin with High Heat"
Large Bronze Large S

melted Copper + Large Smelted Tin

Bronze Armor (Arms) Large Bronze
Bronze Armor (Legs) Large Bronze
Bronze Armor (Torso) Large Bronze
Flour "Quernstone on Wheat Ear" or "Wheat ear placed in a Mill"
Dough '"Click on' Flour with a water holder on Drop Mode"
Bread Dough Dough x2
Fired Clay "Cook Clay with High Heat"
Clay Brick Fired Clay x2

Note: Hammers include Hammerstone. Axes include Hand Axes.

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