Mainland is a flat island, with small plateaus dotting the land. On top of these plateaus are various plants.. Some plateaus are covered with grain as well. There is are many piles of rocks on them, and many trees spread out around the island.

Food SourcesEdit

As usual, Mainland has the basic source of food: fruit. Apples grow on the trees and kiwi grows on the bushes in the forest areas. It also hosts the main ingredient of one of only two man-made foods: wheat. It grows on the yellow plateaus and the ear can be made into bread through proccessing. And of course, there's seawater for a salty drink to wash it down and fish to catch and cook if you want some meat to go along with your toast and fruit salad.

Strategies to SurviveEdit

In mainland, you have a large amount of building space, grain for bread, rocks and boulders, trees, and many other food sources. You can easily create a wheat farm and fish for food if you want a more efficent way of feeding yourself, make tools and weapons out of the rock, build complicated houses with the trees, and create a safe base by walling one of the plateaus. It's remarkably easy to live here, however the tribes wanting land on mainland may start quarrels together, since it is rather small for a mainland.


Medium Leaves

Medium wood

Small stone

Medium Stone


Apple, kiwifruit, and grains

Small Leaves