Mineral madness!

A mineral is an object which you have mined. This is generally done by using a pickaxe. You can mine on a lot of places in the world - almost every rock wall (not rock resource) is being able to be mined. ==Mineral List==

Amethyst: A very rare purple crystal that can be used to make things like jewlery (In the future). A message will appear in the chat after you have mined it, telling others about your good fortune. Rarity: Super Rare

Bauxite: This metal is a brownish - red aluminum ore and is used in the making of aluminum (In the future). Rarity: Special

Copper Ore: This brown metal's main use is in the making of bronze, and serves almost no purpose beside of that. Rarity: Native

Tin: This grey metal is primarily used in the making of bronze and is similar to copper in most ways. Rarity: Native

UraniumUranium has no uses yet, but will later be used for - for example - reactive armor and atomic weapons.

SulfurSulfur has no uses yet, but will be used later to create gunpowder.

CoalCoal is the best fuel in the game: A large coal can burn up to 10 minutes!

Iron Ore: A very strong metal used for making tools and items. End products are: Pig iron, Wrought iron, Cast iron, slag, and slag iron. Wrought iron is used for making tools,but on the main fact you need a bloomery in able to make wrought iron. Wrought iron is also used to make an Anvil, Small anvil, and Medium anvil. If you heat it up the original way you'll result in pig iron. However, if you heat the pig iron or the iron ore you can get Cast Iron which can be used to create an Iron Furnace.Warning! Do not get confused with which is which, iron tools may look like bronze tools and the industrial tools may do the same doesn't mean it's bronze. Rarity: Native (Bronze Pickaxe)

Manganese : A Quite rare ore use in steel production. You must burn it enable to make carbon, you can use any type of pickaxe to mine it. Once you got carbon you can  make steel(I'm still working on how to make steel correct me if i wrong).Maganese looks like a a mixture of tin and sulphur, or a foily tin.

Steel: No info...

RobloxScreenShot12162012 171718320

Littleluiscool with a Wrought Iron and a wide variety of Bronze Tools.


In the Iron Update, when you cooked Iron, you would get Cast Iron immediately. However, now you only get Pig Iron (which has a higher smelting point to get iron!).

A good use for "non-usable" minerals is the use of for example currency to trade things.

RobloxScreenShot11262012 104001746

A small amethyst.

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