The Small Crude Shop is an easy way to make your first storage in Stranded: Episode One. The shop comes with a green button that is clickable. Once you click on the green button, a window will lower itself. On the inside of that window is where you can store a few valuable items like Small Stones, tool heads, or food with high nutrition. Click the green button again to send the window back up to its original position. Increase your storage capacity by upgrading your shop into a Medium Crude Shop and Crude Marketplace.

If the green button does not have a ClickDetector when you mouse over it, meaning its not clickable to you, then all you have to do is select then deselect one of your tools, such as your Grab tool. That will fix your problem.

The fun thing about shops is that it may be used as your actual shop in the game. It may not be a robbery-proof shop,  but its a definite way to play Stranded differently.

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