Snowpeak is an island that looks very barren, desolate, and useless at first, because it isn't very flat and has no plant growth on it. It is near Mainland. It looks like a large mountain with a snow-covered peak, thus giving it the name. However, if you explore a lot on the island, you can find 2 hidden entrances to the inside of the mountain that allow you to access a mineral wall, rocks, and building space.

Hidden CavesEdit

There are 4 notable hidden entrances to Snowpeak. The first one is an underwater cave that goes to a cave filled with rocks in the inside of Snowpeak. The second is another entrance to the rock cave. The third one is a dead-end cave with a Mineral Wall and the fourth is another entrance to the mineral cave. There also are small "storage caves" to be found.

Food SourcesEdit

No food here. Unless you wanna count the sea and fish.

Strategies to SurviveEdit

Since Snowpeak has no food, I suggest either fishing or farming. Even if you do decide fishing, you should farm at least trees for wood. All your buildings should go in the rock cave, since it is flat. Make a pickaxe, fishing pole, and shovel if you haven't already. Mine to get bronze, trade for food, make a dock. It's relatively hard to survive here, unless you are very good at farming. Of course, Mainland is a short swim away.



Mineral Wall

Snow ( not gatherable )