Hey there Stranded Fans I am Ninja. You probbaly know me

from all the freaking out in games because they were trolling

me.But as you know i am currently working for Stranded

Official Community and Stranded Developer Community.

And if you don't know what Stranded Episode One Is you can

ask Jobro on Roblox or look it up on the Internet.But if you do know

what stranded is and you are having trouble with crafting things, this is your page.

Why?Because im going to write all the recipes I know from Stranded.

Here is some of the recipes i know.You can also add to this wiki with your ideas

well I mean recipes you know from Stranded. I'll add more soon.


Hammerstone=1 small stone(check to make sure its a high qaulity stone it creates stone heads faster)

Stone tool heads=1 smallstone(any qauility)on small stone (remember all tools in Stranded have a use)

Stone Tools=1 Med Handle + 1 Stone head(Any Kind)

Small wood,Large Handle,Med Handle,Small Handle=Stone Axe on med wood then use Hammerstone or Stone Hammer on large handle then keep going down till either Med Handle and Small Handle.

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