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Gears and millstonesEdit

Gears and millstones add to the idea that Stranded is for custom building. It adds various tools for making custom mills, sawmills, and more!

The basics.Edit

To start, you will need to make gears. These can be made by using a stone axe head with a Medium Wood (makes 8 gears) or a hammerstone with a Small Wood (2 gears)

Next, you need the gear tool. It is simply made by making a single gear into a tool. Now that you have that, let's craft some basic utilities!

Hand crank: Boulder + Large handle (building)

Mill stone: Boulder + Boulder + Medium Wood (building)

To hook these up, you should first place them nearby. Then, select your gear tool. Click Hand Crank then Mill Stone, and a GUI should pop up saying how many gears it will take to hook these two up, and a confirmation message. I would thing that every two studs = 1 gear needed.

How the Mill Stone works.Edit

To start, you should put wheat ears onto the large stone. Put as many as you want, the Mill Stone is made for mass production! If you linked it up to the crank correctly, furiously clicking the hand crank should then create large amounts of flour. So, this idea is basically for mass production for flour, as well as a gear/tech system.



Have you ever created 4 stone wheels and played around with them, hoping something good would come of it? Well, NOW SOMETHING WILL! The "Carts!" idea helps transportation, and as usual with my ideas, It's DIY!

Making a car.Edit

To start, the stone wheels now have a hinge on them.

There is only one crafting recipe for this idea.

Small wood + Small wood = Driver seat.

The driver seat is what lets you drive a cart!

Now, pretend you have 2 medium wood. Using a knife, add welds to these woods, and connect them, while on a platform. Attatch 4 stone wheels, and the Driver Seat, and...


Removing the platform and getting in the driver seat will let you drive the cart! You can customise it beyond belief!


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