The Crater is a large island, with steep stone walls on all four sides. The only way to get to the center without doing some serious climbing is to go down the river that flows toward the center. In the center, there is a tall plateau and several smaller plateaus. On the tallest is green grass and many trees bearing juicy pears and olives. A cave is accesible through the side or on the top. On the others there are rocks. Nearby islands are Waterrock and Pirate Lagoon.

Food SourcesEdit

There is plentiful food on The Crater, but it's hard to reach. On the tallest plateau there are plenty of pears and olives, with olives doubling as a source of fuel. It's hard to get up the plateau without supplies from other islands, though. If you find fruit too bland for you, you can always set up a dock in the river cave and go fishing. And, of course, sea water to quench your thirst.

Strategies to SurviveEdit

You don't have much of a chance of surviving here if you spawn near it. Due to the plateau with food on it being in a rather high place, you can't eat unless you find some wood. Also, if you choose to live on the plateau, water will be a long walk away. The natural walls can help conceal your civilization, so I suggest putting up a gate at the only easy entrance and hiring someone to guard it. There's enough space for a few buildings on the forest plateau. Try making a shop near the river cave, then trade travellers olives, fish, and minerals for foreign seeds, bread, and other items. This island is great for making a large civilization.




Medium Wood

Medium Leaves

Small Stones

Medium Stones