At 27th August 2011 a disaster happened. I (jobro13) played the Survival Series by Davidii almost every day. I was a huge fan. A lot of players didnt like me though, because I loved to kill and rob people. Thats why you can find a lot of bad comments back about me in the Survival 404 history. I loved the new updates. Almost every day we could craft something new. Especially the Steam Ship was a milestone: a huge ship that was extremely fast. Yet. On the update of 27th August 2011 something extremely bad happened. The retool, one of the most important features, "broke". I had read it in the comments but decided to see for myself. I was shocked and got angry. Very angry. I immediately removed my favorite on the game when Davidii posted that he wouldn't fix the retool. I decided to make a working clone of survival 404 and started working at that same day: 27 august.

Yet, after a week, I thought: what in the world am I doing? I always wanted to create my own game. I always wanted to make survival better. I had a lot of ideas. I wanted to make something that everyone could help in. Thats when I started working on Stranded. Sometimes I went to 404 to attract some people for my game. It didnt work. After 3 months of working I was very desperate. No one wanted to help me or even see it. I was very dissapointed and decided to try it like 3 more times. And that time finally someone came: darkburst369, which is a very good friend of me now. He kept me going. I set up the big project and finally it became rolling. The project is being feed with ideas. Comments. Feedback. Bug testers. Everything you can imagine. And it works, because at the time speaking we have 3 thousand visits. I'm really proud of that. A lot of roblox users may sound this a very, very little ammount. If you see other games that have around 15 million visits it indeed is. But I dont care. I actually think that the maximum ammount of 20 players (a full server) should be online at Stranded. Like that I can play my game with everyone that plays it. I dont care about visits, but I do care about my players. I listen to them, at least - I try. I keep getting so much questions that sometimes I just cannot answer them.

Roblox has a lot of bad games in my eyes. They are way too simple or are ruined by systems like saving systems or other nonsense. Stranded is very hard and some people wont like that. But you must see it as a challenge. Back some time all games were hard - try to play an old mario game for example, which is way more harder than they are now.