In stranded, there are a lot of tool heads, crafted with a Small Stone and a hammerstone. These include Stone Awl, Stone burin, Stone blade, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Axe Head, Stone Shovel, and the Stone Adze Head. Most of them require a med. handle to turn it into a tool.

Stone Awl: Used to make linen on a loom, requires med. handle to make tool.

Stone Burin: Research in progress.

Stone Blade: Used to make a stone dagger for making string and rope. Also a good weapon.

Stone Pickaxe: Used to mine minerals from mineral walls, requires med. handle to make tool.

Stone Axe: Used to turn med. wood into small wood for handles.

Stone Shovel: Used to plant fruit, requires med. handle to make tool.

Stone Adze: Used to cut medium wood into a plank for buildings and boats, requires med. handle to make tool.

Stone Hammer: Used to make a hammer, use of substituting a hammerstone and making bronze into bronze tool heads.

Stone Point: Probably used to make arrows for bow, research in progress.

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