Geography of Triangle BeachEdit

Triangle Beach has a sandy beach, a few palm trees with coconuts growing on them, grassy hills, and rasberry bushes. It is the most commoly spawned on, although you can also spawn on Mainland or occasionally Pirate Lagoon. It was the first island made in the game, and one of two islands without a stone source.

Food sourcesEdit

On Triangle Beach, there is quite a bit to eat. The delicous rasberries upon the bushes will provide you with lots of nutriton, and they are plentiful. The coconuts growing on the palms aren't very hunger sustaining, as well as the fact you'll probably knock out a tooth by biting that hard outside ( not really, but you do loose health. ) Fishing isn't an option, since string requires a dagger to be made, and daggers require stone. Unless you return from another island with some stone or someone happens to leave a string or dagger lying around you won't be having seafood tonight. And, of course, there's that salty seawater.

Strategy for this islandEdit

If you don't plan on staying, make sure to atleast pick up some Small Wood from the bushes, or rasberries to grow rasberry bushes with small wood later. Most islands don't have bushes with small wood.

If you plan on staying, be warned that this island is a common spawn point for players. New players could easily come and take your items. However, there is a plentiful amount of coconuts and raspberries to last you a while, as well as some wood to make your fancy houses. I suggest you import stone from Pirate Lagoon every few days. With four small stones and a medium stone make a hammerstone, dagger, shovel, adze, and bucket. Expand your house and make more tools. Trade fish and raspberries for ores and other imported materials. Build a sailboat. You must either make peace with spawners or kill them immediately.

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